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DLG Image Barometer 2022/2023

AMAZONE once again in 4th place in the DLG Image Barometer 2022/2023. We have been rated as the best of the medium-sized machinery manufacturers in the agricultural machinery sector for several years now. Our thanks go to our many customers and partners for their appreciation and trust in our company.

Slope spreading - Proven precision!

This simple special option can fundamentally optimise the lateral distribution of the fertiliser on slopes. Application errors are reduced and a uniform crop is obtained. In this way, the yield potential can be fully exploited and the environment protected.

Season kick-off: fertiliser spreaders

The perfect start to the fertiliser spreading season!

Utilise the wide range of services offered by AMAZONE to make sure both you and your spreader are fully prepared for the upcoming fertiliser spreading season.

New ploughs - 100 % AMAZONE technology

The new Teres and Tyrok ploughs with 100 % AMAZONE DNA
Maximum robustness and outstanding quality of work!

Precea Performance Tour - what the end users say

To date, AMAZONE has followed 30 farmers and contractors during the use of their AMAZONE Precea precision air seeders, as part of its Europe-wide Precea Performance Tour.

During the tour, the Precea has demonstrated its wide-ranging scope of application in a total of 13 countries.

myAMAZONE for more performance

Become a member of the digital customer portal, myAMAZONE, now and apply for a 36 month manufacturer's guarantee on the Pantera self-propelled sprayer and Profihopper self-propelled mower!

GPS ScenarioControl

Terminal software for the automation of complex switching processes. The precise application of mineral fertilisers just where they are required plays a critical role in saving costs and utilising resources. The GPS ScenarioControl system is used to automate certain functions of the AMAZONE fertiliser spreader based on a previously plotted scenario, preventing operator errors during subsequent applications.

KE 6002-2 Rotamix rotary harrow

AMAZONE has extended its range of new KE 02 Rotamix rotary harrows by the addition of a foldable 6 m variant. The KE 6002-2-400 Rotamix is approved for tractors up to 400 hp and is characterised particularly by its high output and very good crumbling.