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It doesn't matter whether you choose the UX Special, a UX Super or the flagship UX 11201 Super, all UX trailed sprayers guarantee first-class work and comfortable operation. 

You can adapt the UX trailed sprayers to all operating conditions thanks to the extensive equipment options.

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The frame – strong and yet elastic!

The wide profile steel frame, made from torsion resistant steel, compact tank design and the well-engineered boom technology provide the utmost in robustness.

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Hydraulic parking jack

A height adjustable jack Is integrated in the frame and with its convenient optional hydraulic height adjustment makes coupling to the tractor quick and easy.

  • Optional
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Trailer tow hitch

The UX trailed sprayer offers the facility for fitting a drawbar to the rear. The max. towing capacity is 12 t.

  • Optional
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Underbelly covers

Thanks to the underbelly cover, the complete underside is encased in stainless steel plates so that axles, chassis and plants are optimally protected.

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Low centre of gravity

The design of the UX tanks along with the compact AMAZONE booms ensure a low centre of gravity and very compact transport dimensions. In addition, the booms, even when folded, are optimally protected in transport via the sprung parallelogram boom frame.

  2. Other makes
  3. S = centre of gravity
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The tank

The compact spray agent tank, which is made from polyethylene, is especially secure, light and long lasting. The absolutely smooth inner and outer walls with rounded corners and no crannies allow quick and easy cleaning. Residual spray volumes are kept at a minimum due to the specific shape of the tank sump.

Benefits of the tank design

  • Easy cleaning of the spray agent tank
  • Very low residual spray volumes
  • Low transport height
  • Low centre of gravity
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Stepless hydraulic main agitator

The intensity of the hydraulic agitator can, steplessly, be reduced down to nothing in order to avoid any foaming of the crop protection agent or to facilitate spraying out the remaining tank contents.

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Cleaning systems

Three high-performance, rotating nozzles clean the spray agent tank internally. Short pipe runs and hose cross-sectional areas as small as possible make for low residual volumes.

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Exceptional internal sprayer cleaning with the XtremeClean intensive cleaner

The intensive cleaning system consists of four spot jet nozzles which have been fitted on to an electrically rotating nozzle head. These high-pressure nozzles are guided positively round via an electric motor and, via the spot jets, systematically treat the total internal wall area of the tank. The high impact energy of this jet reliably loosens any spray deposits – even without the use of chemical cleaning additives.

  • Available as an option for the UX 4201 Super, UX 5201 Super and UX 6201 Super
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High quality multi-layer paint finish

A high-grade, multi-layer paint finish ensures top quality that lasts.

  1. Sheet steel
  2. Zinc phosphate (galvanising layer)
  3. KTL priming coat
  4. Top coat

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