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Twin-chamber hopper for fertiliser – cut fertiliser costs

  • Twin-chamber hopper – each chamber has its own metering unit which is connected to a distributor head, meaning that half-side control is available as standard 
  • Easy access to the hopper and simultaneous filling of both chambers is possible
  • Extremely high hopper capacity of 6,000 l ensures minimal turn-round times

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Das PreTeC-­Mulchsaatschar (2) Precea12000-TCC_d0_kw_P3070880_d1_230301_CMS

FerTeC Twin HD – with placement depth adjustment

The FerTeC Twin HD fertiliser coulter provides even more operational comfort. Initially, the relationship between the placement depth of the fertiliser and the placement depth of the seed is set just once. The fertiliser coulter is automatically adjusted for depth if the sowing depth is subsequently changed. The

The benefits: 

  • Automatic placement depth of the fertiliser provides more comfort 
  • More exact depth placement on heavy ground 
  • Short set-up times, since the coulter pressure on the fertiliser coulter is also applied on the sowing coulter

Das PreTeC-­Mulchsaatschar (1) Precea12000-TCC_d0_kw_P3070880_d1_230301_im_Text_CMS
1) FerTeC Twin HD double disc coulter 2) Carrying rollers 3) Catcher roller 4) V-press rollers

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