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Intuitive and comfortable

New AmaSpread 2 control terminal - available immediately

The range of control terminals in the field of fertilisation has been revised. After the machine-specific terminal family was updated in 2019 with the entry level EasySet 2, a new control terminal is now available in the mid-range sector. The AmaSpread 2 is available immediately and replaces its predecessor, AmaSpread+. With AmaSpread 2, AMAZONE is offering an attractive and intuitive terminal for the ZA-V Profis Control weigh cell spreaders.

Thanks to the high-contrast colour display, the operator has all the spreading information available, even under variable light conditions
All the functions can be reached intuitively using one hand during the spreading process. Each button controls one function

Modern design meets intuitive operation

The simple operation structure, combined with the high-contrast 4.3 inch colour display, guarantees high levels of operator comfort with a modern look. All the spreading information concerning application rate, residual quantity and area coverage is clearly and constantly displayed. 

The terminal does not need detailed menu guidance: Each significant function has its own button. All the important functions such as application rate and the position of the border spreading device can be actuated directly and comfortably using a back-lit button. This means that one-hand operation during spreading is not a problem. 

Spreading-specific settings for up to ten different fertilisers can be stored and recalled at any time. In addition, the spread rate, covered area and working time are stored and can be utilised by the operator for easy documentation. 

All the functions of the ZA-V Profis Control weigh cell spreader can be controlled conveniently with the new machine-specific AmaSpread 2 control terminal.

The optional border spreading system Limiter V+ is integrated in the operating concept of the AmaSpread 2

Pressing a button permits easy reaction to the various different border spreading situations side, boundary or water-course spreading. The current spreading option is clearly and constantly displayed on the control terminal

All features safely under control

Whilst the EasySet 2 includes the option of forward speed related spread rate regulation, AmaSpread 2 makes possible, amongst other things, the switching of up to 6 part-width sections and the use of the Profis weighing system. In addition, rapid adaption of the fertiliser rate permits reaction to the field conditions. The terminal also offers precise spread rate regulation thanks to the 200 Hz weighing system. In this way, a constant application rate is guaranteed, even with varying quality fertiliser. Combination with the optional tilt sensor guarantees precise weighing results, even under hilly terrain. 

When you use the Limiter V+ border spreading system, the operator can switch between the differing techniques of side, boundary or water-course spreading, depending on the border situation, without leaving the tractor cab. In addition, optional low level warning sensors can inform the operator of an upcoming emptying of the hopper via the AmaSpread 2. The possibilities of the terminal are rounded off by the integration of work lighting. 

In summary, the AmaSpread 2 for the ZA-V fertiliser spreader offers a new possibility of simple operation whilst including the widest range of functions.

The simple menu structure guarantees rapid actuation of all the spreading settings


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