Cirrus 03: Maschine des Jahres 2015!

Faster, more efficient, better! Cirrus 03: Machine of the year 2015! Additional Information ...

Conventional seed drills

Cataya seed drill combination

Amazone, Mechanische Säkombination Cataya

The ideal machine for sowing after the plough as well as mulch sowing on professional farms. The Cataya is available in a 3 m working width.

D9 mounted seed drill

Anbau-Sämaschine D9 3000

Designed for the smaller, medium or large size farm for either conventional or mulch sowing. Working widths 2.50 to 12.00 metres.

AD Pack Top seed drill

Aufbau-Sämaschine AD

AD Special and AD Super for till and drill combinations in working widths of  2.50  to 4.00 m.

D9 6000 TC trailed seed drill

Amazone D9 6000-TC „Combi“

The D9 "Combi" mechanical seed drill with a working width of 6 m  has been designed especially for mounting on to smaller tractors with little lifting power.

50 years AMAZONE sowing combinations

50 Jahre AMAZONE Säkombinationen

A report on the 50 years' history of active sowing combinations from AMAZONE.