Profihopper 1250 SmartLine self-propelled mower iDrive and 4WDi


Your advantages at a glance


+ Out-front cutting deck in 1.25 m working width with integrated PowerCompactor collecting and conveying system, consisting of longitudinal and cross conveyor augers providing the highest work rates
+ Versatile across the entire year and in any weather: mowing, mulching or collection of leaves, horse droppings or any other litter
+ Operation in any weather, not only in short but also long grass – extremely robust and reliable technology
+ SmartCut exact cut rotor with chevron blade arrangement – for an improved cutting- and collecting quality and for a reduced noise emission
+ High-lift discharge up to 2.1 m – comfortable and quick
+ State-of-the-art and efficient engine technology (18 kW/24.5 HP), conforms to Stage V emissions legislation
+ Available as iDrive with front wheel drive for normal ground conditions or as 4WDi with all-wheel drive for use in difficult operational conditions
+ The compact design ensures steering with a 0-turning circle – for more manoeuvrability and safety in any terrain, even when on slopes
+ Blade change without tools – quick, simple and safe!
+ Fulfils highest quality standards, certified and tested by the DLG according to DIN EN13524:2014 Annex B and the requirements of ISO 17101-2:2012

Profihopper 1250 iDrive SmartLine


• 1.25 m working width
• Hopper volume 730 l (equals 1,000 l of cuttings
• Front wheel drive with 0-turning circle steering

For the operation under normal ground conditions, the Profihopper iDrive SmartLine is recommended. The front wheel drive is provided out via two hydraulic motors. The only difference between the Profihopper iDrive SmartLine and the Pofihopper 4WDi SmartLine is the drive system. All the other components are the same. So the Profihopper iDrive SmartLine is equipped as well with the SmartCut high quality mower and convinces by its compact design, efficiency and quality of work. The intuitive steering via the steering wheel with 0-turning circle are also standard on the Profihopper iDrive SmartLine.


Profihopper 1250 4WDi SmartLine


• 1.25 m working width
• Hopper volume 730 l (equals 1,000 l of cuttings)
• All-wheel drive with 0-turning circle steering

4WDi technology

With the Profihopper 4WDi SmartLine, each wheel is driven at the necessary speed of revolution determined by the accelerator pedal position and the steering angle so that the machine does not require any differential locks. The actual speed of the front wheels is controlled in relation to the position of the rear steered wheels so that the vehicle can turn around with one front wheel on the spot (0-turning circle).
The rear wheels are connected in series with the front wheels. In this way the front wheels – via the hydraulic system – can be assisted if necessary, by the rear wheels in case of slip, if conditions are wet or when on slopes. This achieves the optimum utilisation of the engine’s performance under all operational conditions and helps the environment with reduced fuel consumption. Thus all-wheel drive if necessary! The system functions both when going forwards or backwards.

For all applications

Because of this, the Profihopper offers a significant number of benefits in practical operation: for example, when mowing around obstacles or turning, less manoeuvring is required. Also, when working under difficult operational conditions – for example, when slipping on wet ground or when working on sloping terrain – the operator especially benefits from the intelligent four-wheel drive. The danger of slippage is minimised because every wheel is driven at all times at the optimum speed. This results in greater safety and improved operational performance, for example less wheel marks on lawns. The increased manoeuvrability under any operational conditions, especially on slopes, allows the more efficient operation.

Totally without any frills – reliable and robust


Instead of using costly electronic circuitry which is usually necessary for such regulatory mechanisms, the Profihopper 4WDi SmartLine is equipped with a robust, mechanical and, for the user, quite simple system. This system makes the Profihopper 4WDi SmartLine an all-wheel drive machine yet with a true 0-turning circle steering. The steering wheel provides intuitive steering.

The all-seasons machine

Die Ganzjahresmaschine

A range of application across the whole year:
• Mowing
• Scarifying
• Mulching
• Collecting of leaves, horse droppings or other litter

Flexible and versatile
No matter whether short or long grass, damp or dry conditions, with the Profihopper you can be relaxed about any operation and at any time of the year.

Tip: rolling
Rolling immediately after mowing is an ideal action to achieve a fine finish and well-cared for lawn.

Excellent cutting quality – no matter whether short or long


Compared with either rotary or cylinder mowers, the Profihopper, as a fine flail mower operates reliably, thanks to its design, even at noticeable higher cutting heights. Both in short and long grass, the Profihopper provides a superb cutting performance.

Mowing – no matter whether moist or dry


The Profihopper does a superb job in nearly all climatic or vegetative conditions. Its well-proven AMAZONE mowing and scarifying system is the guarantor for well-groomed lawns. Whether the sun is shining or the early morning dew is still on the grass – work can begin. The Profihopper is not bothered whether the grass is wet, exceptionally tall or even thick – and it always achieves first class results.

Mulching – the fed back of important nutrients

Through the special mounting of the knives on the big diameter rotor, the grass-stalks are cut off and then shredded many times. For mulching, the mulch flap is just inserted into the Profihopper and the cuttings are spread evenly across the mown area. Important nutrients are consequently then fed back into the soil.

Scarifying – improves the soil structure


The AMAZONE Profihopper is also a superb scarifyer. The scarifying knives, which are quickly attached without tools, slit the turf and thin out the lawn’s surface. Thatch is removed, collected and at the same time the soil is rolled. And so, due to the scarifying, the improved light, air, water and nutrient exchange results in a significant improvement in the soil structure.

Collecting leaves


Thanks to the superb collecting effect almost “everything” (leaves, chestnuts, acorns, etc. ...) is collected and the hopper capacity is optimised. In addition, the chopping up of the leaves by the rotating blades speeds up their decomposition. Often in the spring, autumn leaves remain covering the ground and the grass can only grow with difficulty. To improve and aid that grass growth, those leaves can be collected and the lawn aired in a single pass by simply adding the scarifying blades.

Rubbish and Paddock collection – Clean up


The conveying system is not sensitive to foreigh objects, so the collection of tins, paper and other rubbish lying around in parks and leisure areas, is no problem for the Profihopper.

Healthy animals thanks to clean paddocks. The Profihopper mows patches of rank grass and the droppings are reliably collected.

PowerCompactor with SmartCut:


• 1.25 m working width
• 72 (36 pairs) sharpened wing blades, arranged in 4 rows
• Rotor speed 3,400 rpm.

PowerCompactor: extended and reliable operation without emptying!

With the PowerCompactor, the Profihopper opens up a new class in efficiency. The PowerCompactor features a collection auger system that consists of longitudinal and cross conveyor augers, allowing the Profihopper, in comparison with other mowers, a higher conveying capacity and thus forward speeds, even in tall grass.

Immediately after collection the cuttings are compressed via the auger conveyor system and collected in the hopper. Thanks to this compression, 1,000 l of uncompressed cuttings can be fitted into the 730 l collection hopper. This principle increases the hopper capacityy by almost 50%. So, compared with a usual mower, the hopper capacity of the Profihopper is approximately 1,000 l. Time losses due to hopper emptying are reduced immediately by 50 % and simultaneously the efficiency of both machine and manpower is increased.

Benefits of the PowerCompactor
• High conveying capacity allows maximum mowing efficiency
• Substantial compaction of the hopper contents means up to 1,000 l of cutting capacity
• Optimisation of the fuel consumption by the perfect teamwork of engine power and forward speed

AMAZONE SmartCut exact cut rotor

The outstanding feature of the rotor is the specific V-shaped arrangement of the knives resulting in an improved performance both when cutting and collecting; and at a reduced noise level. For this innovation, AMAZONE was awarded a Silver Medal by the Innovations Jury at Demopark 2013.

Benefits of the SmartCut exact cut rotor
• Precise and clean cutting in one pass
• Improved collection quality
• Reduced noise levels
• Quick and easy knife change
• Good for the operator and the environment: the delivery system does not require any air assistance and in this way operates at low noise levels and is virtually dust-free.



Maximum robustness


The strong frame and the robust design of all mechanical and hydraulic components ensure the superb reliability of the Profihopper.



Comfortable – Compact – Operator friendly

• The use of high class components, such as the powerful 18 kW (24.5 HP) diesel engine (Stage V), sets the machine apart as the choice of professionals
• 40 llitre fuel tank for uninterrupted operation – the full working day long
• As standard, the AMAZONE Profihopper is equipped with a self-cleaning air cooling system to remedy any dirt collecting on the cooling cover
• Everything is convenient and simple to operate

Blade change – simple, quick and safe!


Different blades are available for individual applications

The blades are made from special treated steel to ensure a low wear rate. In addition, the blade system is resistant to foreign obstacles because each blade is independently suspended.

Garden and landscape company relies on AMAZONE technology

Garten- und Landschaftsbau-Betrieb setzt auf bewährte AMAZONE Technik

“It was in 2010 that we started with the first available Profihoppers”, the owner and manager Olaf Krause reports. Since then there has always been at least one Profihopper PH 1250 4WDi operating within the company. A 2013 machine has been operating reliably now for four years and has 1,130.5 operating hours on the clock. The company employs 60 people and offers, according to their own statement, everything. “Von A wie Abbruch bis Z wie Zaunbau” (from cutting to building fences), says the proud manager. Especially important for Olaf Krause is an in-house and reliable machine pool to be able to react flexibly and quickly.

“In total we mow more than 500 ha of grass per year, and a great deal of this work is done with the Profihopper. So far there have been no big problems”, Olaf Krause says. “On the contrary, the machine apeeals because of its reliability, no matter what the weather. I send out my boys with the Profihopper where high outputs and reliability are required. Especially when it is wet and damp I know that I can fully rely on the Profihopper.” Olaf Krause is especially pleased by the SmartCut exact cut rotor which means the machine can mow, mulch and scarify in one pass and even leaves can be collected. “This saves valuable time and differs the machine from the other mowers”, comments the manager.