Pantera 4001 self-propelled crop protection sprayer


Get in and drive off! Stay relaxed!

Pantera Kabine

In the spacious driver cab of the AMAZONE Pantera you enjoy the highest possible creature comforts, the best all-round visibility and top operator convenience. In this way you are always in control of the self-propelled sprayer. 

You will enjoy every working day, when you sit in this cab:
- superb sound insulation
- convenient, wide access with hydraulically folding ladder  
- electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors  
- additional mirror for best view of the front wheel  
- air filter in the roof cover 
- automatic air-conditioning 
- air-cushioned driver seat with many adjustment possibilities  
- Optional equipment: super comfort seat with cushion heating and air-cooling  
- spacious, foldable passenger seat  
- height and longitudinally adjustable arm rest with integrated controls  
- Adjustable steering column for rake and height  
- Large cool box under the passenger seat
- document compartment 
- CD radio with Bluetooth hands-free telephone facility

Feel at home – by day and night

Pantera Beleuchtung

The lighting concept of the Pantera offers you, the driver, the best view of the road, the field and the machine even at dusk or in the night. 

The standard equipment includes:
- 6 work lights in the roof cover (4 + 2).
- Optional equipment: Xenon headlights
- Side view work lights for lateral illumination
- Work lights at the operator terminal and the fuel tank
- As an option available for the Pantera boom: 4-way work lights or the optimum LED lighting for each individual nozzle.

Multi-function joystick controls both the vehicle and the sprayer – many functions in one hand

Whether using the drive lever or operator controls for spraying functions - with the multi-function joystick in the Pantera - many functions come safely to one hand. "Get in and drive off" is the motto! Drive the machine infinitely variably and intuitively via the multi-function joystick. 
In cruise control, and pushing the multi-function joystick to the maximum position, the Pantera achieves 40 km/h on the road, or in the field, the pre-selected spraying speed.  Pulling the control lever to the rear actuates the newly developed hydrostatic dual circuit brakes. This automatically actuated hydraulic auxiliary braking assists the driver in all situations. The highest sensitivity on start-up and when manoeuvring is guaranteed.
This is normally sufficient for a sensible reduction of the speed on the road or in the field. Only in exceptional cases does one need to operate the foot brake as well.  You can also control the entire steering management via the multi-function joystick: On/off control of the all-wheel steer and manual crab steer or re-alignment in sloping terrain are all possible.
It makes for a very practical control as you can actuate the many functions that operate the sprayer via the multi-function joystick: Part-width section and boom control, additional functions such as boundary nozzle on/off and the +/- % spray rate increase button.

AMADRIVE touch-screen monitor for vehicle operation and monitoring

Pantera Amadrive

With just a light pressure on the touch-screen of the AMADRIVE you can control the following functions:
- Cruise control
- Engine management with Eco or Power mode
- Headland management
- Track width adjustment
- Adjustment of the spray pump speed
- Control of the work lighting of vehicle and booms 

Via the AMADRIVE display a variety of data can be recalled as well:
- Forward speed and engine revs
- Fuel tank level and engine temperature
- Diagnostic data of engine and hydraulic systems

The pictures from the optionally available rear-view reversing camera and the camera for the right front wheel are also displayed on the high-quality colour screen. High-quality camera technology:
- Large 135° viewing angle
- Camera with heating and lotus coating 
- Clear picture even after dark thanks to infrared night vision technology 
- Automatic back light function

AMATRON 3 - the terminal for all plant protection functions

Pantera Amatron 3

Thanks to the handy and clear AMATRON 3 on-board computer, you only need one terminal for the operation of the different boom-and spray liquid circuit functions. On AMATRON 3 all relevant data is clearly displayed and the few necessary settings are quickly and easily done.
AMATRON 3 features illuminated buttons and a high resolution, high contrast screen. All the information about the control of the sprayer is shown on the one display.  Depending on the driving conditions and according to personal taste, you may choose either spraying function or the GPS-function as a detailed view.

AMATRON 3 operator terminal – modern and future orientated

The AMATRON 3 on-board computer allows the fully automatic regulation of the pre-set application rate (l/ha). Defined rate changes are carried out quickly and precisely in pre-select %-steps.
Thanks to its clear, simple and logical menu navigation this modern on-board computer is especially versatile. The multi-function joystick enables the very comfortable control of control chest and boom functions. For monitoring the system, a large, low-reflection display has been incorporated. The very compact shape of the terminal requires little space in the cab of the Pantera.
AMATRON 3 also enables the use of both Distance-Control for the booms, and the Comfort-Pack for the remote control of the spray liquid circuit. The digital fill level display ensures a constant and safe fill level monitoring. Via the digital pressure indicator AMATRON 3 will constantly display and check the actual pressure.
The computer includes a job management set-up (with 20 field record memories) and the ability to download to the automatic field related documentation (ASD) is possible. AMATRON 3 also features a serial interface for the connection of GPS terminals and nitrogen sensors.

The finest chassis technology

Pantera Fahrwerk

The chassis – light-footed, compact intelligence!

- Unique tandem chassis with hydro-pneumatic suspension, unique smooth boom performance 
- Longitudinal tandem for high stability, stable when cornering or when working across slopes 
- Infinitely variable track width adjustment from 1.80 m to 2.40 m, for all crops and all customers 
- large ground clearance up to 1.10 m, no damage in rape and maize
- Headland steering management, relief for the driver and gentle boom treatment
- Narrow transport width, compact in road traffic

Pantera – with light-footed intelligence

Pantera Fahrwerk

The special tandem chassis of the Pantera not only ensures the perfect adaptation to ground undulations, but also a high stability – of course, especially in sloping terrain. Thanks to the level regulated hydro-pneumatic suspension, the Pantera operator also enjoys the maximum of comfort.
The combination of this unique chassis design and the proven AMAZONE boom suspension additionally ensures an optimally smooth boom ride even under arduous conditions.

The advantages of the Pantera chassis concept

1.) Superbly strong frame with proven chassis components
2.) Pendulum frame for optimised soil contact and reduced slip
3.) Comfortable and safe driving behaviour from the longitudinal tandem
4.) Hydro-pneumatic suspension system with level regulation and roll stabilisation 
5.) Reliable hydraulic system – no air regulation
6.) Smooth boom ride, reinforced by additional boom parallel damping

Weight distribution at an optimum

Pantera Gewichtsverteilung

The even weight transmission to the front and rear wheels is the pre-condition for efficient traction. This is why the Pantera 4001 features with full tank an optimum weight distribution of approximately 50 % - 50% to each the front and rear axle. Depending on fill level and boom type the weight distribution varies by max. 5 %.

Traction control as standard

The drive torque of the four wheel motors is constantly electronically monitored and regulated ensuring the optimum vehicle behaviour even under difficult conditions. Power-hunger, physical differential locks are omitted. Auf dem In the field, even in wet conditions, you will always comfortably get through. However, also on the road ASR always ensures a safe trip.

Nearly unbounded – exceptional ground clearance

Pantera Bodenfreiheit

The big ground clearance of 1.20 m also proves to be an important advantage for the Pantera in practice. With
Pantera-H, a ground clearance of even 1.70 m. This is an advantage that is of benefit for you especially when spraying rape at flowering, or even also in taller maize crops – a more gentle plant treatment can hardly be  possible.

Steering management: It has to be manoeuvrable!

Pantera Wendekreis

In spite of the vehicle size the minimal turning radius of the Pantera is only 4.50 m when in all-wheel steer. This is helped by a short wheelbase and sharp steering angle. With this superb manoeuvrability you can optimise enormously the acreage outputs, especially in small fields.
The switching between 4-wheel and 2-wheel steer is carried out via the multi-function joystick. The "crab steer“ function facilitates perfect operation to keep within the wheel marks, even when working on sloping terrain. The steering re-adjustment is also done via pressing a button on the multi-function joystick. Also in wet conditions and on sensitive soils the off-set track driving using the crab steer proves to be of decisive advantage.

Be relaxed when working – even on the headland

The Pantera shows its intelligence even on the headland. Once the headland management is activated in the AMADRIVE terminal, the all wheel steer is automatically switched on when the sprayer is switched off and when the boom is raised. After switching on again, out from the headland, the two-wheel steer again ensures the perfect boom ride.
The speed-related regulation of the all-wheel steer, offered exclusively by AMAZONE, is a guarantee for the optimised horizontal boom guidance. At speeds of more than 8 km/h the steering angle is automatically reduced, preventing an extreme acceleration of the boom in direction of travel. As a special option, AMAZONE offers solutions for GPS assisted automatic steering. This enables you to obtain an exact track-to-track accuracy of only a few centimetres.

Track width adjustment in no time at all

Pantera Spurweitenverstellung

The fully automatic track width adjustment, fitted as standard, enables you, for example as contractor, to react quickly on the various demands of the different customers. Once the desired track width has been pre-selected, the exact centimetre precise setting is carried out automatically.
Narrow in the field and wide on the road – simple and safe!
- Track width adjustment from 1.80 m up to 2.25 m
- With wide tyres also up to 2.40 m

Drive-line management with optimised fuel efficiency

Pantera Motor

The powerful, 6 cylinder Common-Rail Deutz engine with 200 HP convinces by its high efficiency even at low fuel consumption. Thanks to the modern hydrostatic drive mechanism, you can drive absolutely infinitely variably with the Pantera. This system allows, even at a low engine revs high start up torques and a very dynamic acceleration. 

6-cylinder DEUTZ diesel engine  147 kW (200 HP) max. rated
- Turbocharger with intercooler
- Common-Rail injection technology 
- 6.06 litres capacity
- Tier IIIA emission standard

- Infinitely variable hydrostatic drive mechanism of 0 to 40 km/h
- State-of-the-art fuel management on the road and in the field with ECO and POWER mode 
- Tailor made rev. speed regulated radiator fans 
- Proven Deutz  technology with a comprehensive service network 

Operation at a fuel saving optimum: ECO or POWER

The new and optimised engine revs regulation enables you to operate the Pantera at always the optimum fuel consumption efficiency. If ECO mode has been selected in the AMADRIVE terminal, the engine searches for the optimum operating point for torque and the revs, depending on the relevant driving situation.
When spraying on the flat, an engine rev reduction down to 1,200 RPM is possible. The automatic rev adaptation takes place constantly and sensibly between 1,200 and 1,900 RPM.
If, however, you are working on steep slopes in hilly terrain, reinstate maximum efficiency of up to 2,300 RPM via the POWER mode.

Of course, also the low unladen weight of the Pantera 4001 (9,300 kg with a 24 metre boom giving a good power/weight ratio) is an advantage for a low fuel consumption. So, the fuel tank volume of 230 litres enables high work rates over long days.

Plenty of clean air for good cooling

Pantera Kuehlung

- Demand orientated rev regulation: at low power and cooler temperatures, even switching off the fans when possible
- layout beyond the reach of dirt
- left hand: Charge air, hydraulics
- right hand: Engine, air-conditioning

Brake management: Your safety is paramount!

Pantera Strassenverkehr

When the speed is reduced the hydrostatic dual circuit braking of the Pantera is activated and elegantly brakes the vehicle down to a full stop.
Especially notable here is that with the hydrostatic deceleration of the vehicle the built-in trailer braking system is also energised early.
With this technology you always brake safely on the road. The air braking system is an additional safety device, to enable, for example emergency braking from 40 km/h or with a filled trailer.

Pantera - flexible intelligence

Amazone Pflanzenschutzselbstfahrer Pantera 4502

There is a clear division of responsibilities for the high quality Linde hydraulic pumps. Because of the large diameter wheels, very high torques are needed, especially when starting off from stationary. The intelligent drive concept of the Pantera doesn’t build up these high forces hydraulically but translates these into mechanical forces via the planetary gearboxes. This makes for a guaranteed drive when working in unfavourable ground conditions and when driving off. The electrically adjustable wheel motors are, depending on the driving situation, always optimally set, no matter whether maximum torque or maximum revs are required.

Quick running hydrostatic transmission with reduction gear at the wheel
+ High torque at all time
+ No speed change steps 
+ Possibility of larger wheel diameters
+ The adjustable axial piston pump delivers the oil flow to the hydro motor 
+ Every hydro motor is individually speed regulated (traction control) 
+ A fixed reduction ratio in the planetary gear drives the wheel

The tanks: integrated in the total concept

Panteraa Brühebehälter

The 4,000 litre spray agent tank, deeply positioned in the frame ensures a favourable centre of gravity and an even weight transmission on to the four wheels of the Pantera. The spray agent and fresh water tank consist of high grade glass fibre reinforced plastic with smooth internal and external walls. The low positioned outlet sump ensures smallest residual amounts even in sloping terrain. The electronic fill-level indication and the three rotating high pressure nozzles for the internal cleaning are part of the standard equipment.
The 390 litre rinse tank with fill-level indicator is located at the rear of the Pantera.

Everything safely stowed!

Pantera Staufach

In a special compartment underneath the cab there is sufficient space for the convenient storage, for example, of the suction hose. In addition, the bowser fill port, with automatic fill-stop as standard, is located in the under-cab storage locker.
The dust proof toolbox is located under the access into the cab. Here, a hand wash tank and soap dispenser are also fitted.

Standard: Comfort Pack

Pantera Bedienzentrum

With the Comfort-Pack, the Pantera features professional equipment for the automation of the spray agent liquid circuit. The control of the most important functions of the spray agent circuit (filling, agitator intensity and cleaning) is carried out remote controlled via the AMATRON 3.
In this way the desired filling amount can be pre-selected and the filling procedure is automatically isolated. The "Rührmatik" system provides a continuous, fill-level dependent adaptation of the agitation intensity. When drawing in fresh water, the agitators are automatically shut off.
For the treatment of the remaining area the targeted addition of fresh water is possible. With the flushing function the booms can be cleaned without changing the original concentration. The automatic cleaning provides a reliable dilution of residual amounts and internal tank cleaning.
In addition to this automatic control you can also actuate all the functions by hand on the operator station. Alternatively available as special option: the bowser fill port which offers the possibility of filling under pressure.

High output pumps

Pantera Pumpen

win high-performance, easily accessible piston diaphragm pumps (530 l/min.) ensure spraying process can even be conducted at high volumes and speeds and that the sufficient agitator capacity is always available. 
The pump speed can be adjusted from choice within a range of 400 to 540 RPM. This enables you to drive with low revs, for example, at low application rates. High filling capacities with the 3" suction hose are achieved at revs as low as 800 RPM. The spraying pump can be switched on and off on the operator terminal.

Canister rinsing with the aid of the induction bowl

Amazone Pflanzenschutzselbstfahrer 4502, Kanister Spülen

To ensure unproblematic cleaning of spray agent canisters and to fully utilise its content, the canister is flushed using the rotary nozzle. Of course, the closed induction bowl can also be flushed for self-cleaning. The induction bowl when closed is dust-proof. No dirt enters the system and no liquid escapes.

Induction bowl and power injector

Powdery substances and large quantities of urea are dissolved quickly and safely by the induction bowl with the rinse ring and additional nozzle, and simultaneously inducted by the power injector. The extraction and cleaning from large containers can be greatly simplified by using the Ecofill connection.

AMAZONE booms in profile design

Pantera Gestänge

At the same time: Light – robust – compact - durable
On the Pantera self propelled sprayer the Super L boom proves its extraordinary qualities. Thanks to the special AMAZONE profile design, it is not only light and extremely sturdy but also compact. Even with the maximum boom width of 40 m the transport width is still only 2.75 m. In the transport position the booms are located behind the cab. That means: No obstruction of the driver's view. No dripping liquid within reach of the cab. Die hochwertige Premium boom quality ensures a long service life even when working at very high work rates.

The benefits:
- Tried and tested modular system of the Super-L boom ranging from 24 m to 40 m, extremely sturdy and durable
- Wide height adjustment range of 0.50 m to 2.50 m
- Central pendulum adjustment and hydraulic tilt adjustment of the boom provide smooth boom travel even at high speeds
- Standard: Profi-fold I:  This independent, one sided folding is flexible in all working widths 
- Option: tip angling (Profi-fold II)
- Option: Distance-Control for automatic boom ride  

External wash down kit

Pantera Wascheinrichtung

High pressure spray lance for the effective external cleaning:
- 20 metres hose length
- 10 bar operational pressure
- only 17 l/min delivery capacity

Assessment from users regarding the AMAZONE-self propelled sprayer

Pantera Thomsen

Since 2008, contractor Holger Thomsen has operated an AMAZONE self-propelled sprayer across more than 5000 ha per year: "As a contractor, one has to use the technology that customers do not have themselves. Therefore, for plant protection only a self propelled sprayer is worth considering for us." 

Holger Thomsen´s experiences with
- the all-wheel steer of the self propelled sprayer: "When turning at the headland, we only leave two tracks with the self propelled sprayer, that means,  We do not do so much damage in growing crops." 
- the hydro-pneumatically suspended tandem chassis of the self propelled sprayer: "It compensates ground undulations better. This results in a very even boom ride."
- the ground clearance of 1.10 m: "It plays a part, for example, at flowering treatment in rape, because the plants are hardly damaged." 
- the drive line of the self propelled sprayer: "With the infinitely variable hydrostatic drive line and the 200 HP engine the self propelled sprayer is well equipped to maintain speeds on the road but also in the field without any problem. Engine and drive line are suited for the size of this machine."  
- the hydraulically adjustable track width of the self propelled sprayer: "It proves to be of advantage, for example in spring, for herbicide treatment in maize. If, in future, some customers want to convert their maize crops to narrow spacing, such an easily to handle track width adjustment is actually absolutely essential.“

"Speed spraying" – for increased crop protection performance

Amazone Speed Spraying Logo

AMAZONE offers a variety of equipment to help fill, transport and clean more quickly, meaning greater savings. AMAZONE groups this enhancement of crop protection performance under the umbrella term "Speed-Spraying".