Pantera 4001 self-propelled crop protection sprayer


Yet more precision with GPS-Switch and GPS-Track!

Pantera GPS-Switch

Available as special option: the automatic GPS-Switch part-width section control and the GPS-Track parallel driving aid, which are also operated via the AMATRON 3.

This GPS assisted on-board computer system automates the exact control of the machine on the headlands, around the field border and when spraying in wedges. The working width and the arrangement of the part width sections are taken into account. The automatic GPS-Switch part width section control offers precision, comfort and safety:  Simply select the desired degree of overlapping and leave the switch off in automatic function. So, also difficult circumstances, such as wider working widths, limited visibility at dawn or dusk or in high crops can be mastered. In addition:  You save plant protection agent and also help the environment. And the driver can fully concentrate on monitoring the performance. 
The GPS-Track parallel driving aid proves to be an enormous advantage for guidance in the field. It features various track modes, such as A-B line and contour travel and an obstacle function. The bouts are numbered all the way across.  The deviation from the true line is shown on the display, clear steering guidance that help keep you on track. Also the distance to the next bout is precisely indicated – ideal for orientation, for example to find the correct row of maize.

Automatic steering

Automatische Lenkung Topcon 150

The optionally available automatic steering consists of a hydraulic kit, especially developed for the Pantera, and the Topcon 150 steering system. The components are optimally matched.
The core of the system is the AGI-3 GPS receiver and this next generation technology puts the customer into a very good position for years to come. Besides seeing the American satellite GPS signals it also already receives the Russian GLONASS satellite signals and thus is ready for the European GALILEO system.  As standard, the System 150 includes integrated terrain compensation, the so-called slope compensation. Optionally, it can be equipped with a RTK module as correction signal.

Intelligent logistics

Pantera Logistik

With the optionally offered drawbar, you can pull a two axle water cart of up to 12 t total weight behind the Pantera. This makes for very high daily outputs, even at in one-man operation.

The DUS pressure recirculation system – proven more than 10,000 times

The AMAZONE DUS pressure recirculation system guarantees the safe circulation within the entire system. When starting the spraying operation all the hoses including the spray lines are filled under pressure in the reverse direction with the mixed spray agent. This means the spray lines are always full and immediately ready to use over the entire working width. There is no waiting on the headland.

Every time individual part-width sections are shut off, during the turning operation and during transport, the spray liquid circulates continually thanks to the pressure recirculation system. This reliably prevents deposits, blockages or segregation in the spray lines.

The concentration of the spray agent always remains constant right up to the nozzles, so the start of spraying is carried out without any problems after, for example, a change of ingredients.

During the cleaning operation, fresh water flushes the spray lines out right up to the nozzles without any spraying being necessary. During this cleaning procedure the concentrated spray liquid is returned back to tank via the pressure recirculation system leaving the spray lines clean.

Your benefits:
+ Direct electric control of the nozzle body
+ Every nozzle body is integrated in the DUS pressurerecirculation system!

Even better with Profi-fold

Pantera Profiklappung

All hydraulic functions can be easily and reliably controlled via AMATRON 3 in the tractor cab. The multi- function joystick makes handling especially comfortable.

Profi-fold I:
Height adjustment, folding in and out, independent, one side folding at reduced speeds (max. 6 km/h), boom width reduction, and tilt adjustment.

Profi-fold II:
In addition with variable geometry, individual boom tip angling.

AutoLift or DistanceControl? It's your choice!

Amazone Pflanzenschutzselbstfahrer Pantera 4502 Distance Control

With the automatic AutoLift boom lift (standard execution) the boom is raised into the desired height every time the machine is being switched off.  During spraying it lowers again to the target height.
Alternatively with DistanceControl automatic boom guidance, the perfect special option is available. With the aid of DistanceControl, the boom follows the crop canopy, where it is automatically raised at the headland and further regulated for height and tilt.
DistanceControl allows the automatic height and tilt regulation, or tip angling and tilt adjustment in conjunction with Profi-fold 2. The driver concentrates on the correct spray application; the computer concentrates on the optimum boom ride!

The boundary nozzle switching – four options to suit all needs

Amazone Pflanzenschutzselbstfahrer Pantera 4502, Randdüsen

- 1.) Additional nozzle switching
In order to extend the normal working width, an asymmetrical nozzle can also be switched on. This is particularly useful if the distances between tramlines are not precise enough.

- 2.)Boundary nozzle switching
For precision border spraying between two sensitive crops, the boundary nozzles can be used to make sure the spray pattern is accurately defined.

- 3.)End nozzle switching
If a one metre buffer zone around the edge of the field needs to remain unsprayed due to distance constraints, end nozzle switching can be used.

- 4.) Outer part-width section switched off - DUS is active
Direct electric control of the boundary nozzles.
Every nozzle body is integrated in the DUS circulation!

Liquid fertilisation – mature solutions for high outputs

Pantera Flüssigdüngung

The Pantera is especially suited for liquid fertilisation: The use of high grade plastics, good paintwork and the virtually exclusive use of stainless steel ensures a long service life even for liquid fertilisation operation. For large droplet application of liquid fertiliser AMAZONE offers multiple hole nozzles (3 or 7 hole) or also the FD sluice nozzle.
On request the Super L-boom can be equipped with a second spray line. The off-set nozzle bodies then allow the attachment of drag hoses in a distance of 25 cm. Stainless steel (VA) weights improve the position of the drag hoses in the standing crop.

Special equipment: HighFlow

Amazone Pflanzenschutzselbstfahrer Pantera 4502, Sonderausstattung High Flow

To double the maximum application rates both the pumps can be switched into parallel. The HighFlow option opens up a new dimension in output.
It allows large quantities of liquid fertiliser to be applied at higher speeds.
For vegetable applications, then rates of 2,000 l/ha at 5 -6 km/h are possible. The large rates are only possible with an additional spray line giving twice the number of nozzles, placed 25 cm apart.


Less drift also at higher wind speeds

Pantera Düsen

With the air-assisted injector nozzles, crop protection agents can be applied with very little drift. They are universally usable in all crops and all classifications. Because of the coarse droplet application, These nozzles can also be used in higher wind speeds. AMAZONE offers the agricultural sector a wide range of
nozzles from Agrotop, Lechler and Teejet.

Single and multi-nozzle bodies
The nozzle bodies with integrated diaphragm non-return anti-drip valves fit up into the boom profiles reliably preventing any dripping at the nozzle. Self-adjusting bayonet fixings ensure a tool-less quick nozzle change. The triple nozzle bodies are suited to frequent nozzle changes due to different applications and crops. Nozzle protection tubes, as standard on the outer sections, or, if desired, over the entire boom working width, ensures protection for long injector nozzles and multiple nozzle bodies.

The correct nozzle selection . . .

Pantera Düsenwahl

The long injector nozzles (ID, AI, TTI) have a relatively coarse droplet spectrum and are particularly versatile with regard to their field of application. A pressure range of 2-8 bar is possible. If coverage quality is at the foreground of the application, the use of standard or anti-drift fine droplet nozzles, such as XR or AD, is recommended. Special care is required here due to the tendency to drift above 3 bar.
A good compromise is provided by the modern ID-K or Airmix compact injector nozzles: These have relatively little drift, but do not have too coarse a droplet spectrum and are operated at 2 – 4 bar.
When it comes to special coverage qualities the double flat fan nozzle is an interesting alternative: the AVI Twin from Agrotop also produces droplets that are not too fine. The split spray pattern ensures a more even deposit on the front and back of the plant and is an interesting alternative in many applications. For speeds > 10 km /h the TD HiSpeed nozzle and its asymmetrical spraying angle is becoming a new industry trend.



Special crops and nest treatment often require the on/off control of the individual part -width sections. AMACLICK is another ergonomic operator unit which can be used in conjunction with the joystick, or however, also solely with AMATRON 3.