ZA-M ultra Centrifugal Broadcaster


Hydraulic drive with Hydro package

ZA-M Hydro-Paket

The ZA-M Profis Hydro and ZA-M Ultra Profis Hydro weigh cell spreaders with hydraulic spreading disc drive provide complete independence from the engine speed and the forward speed. The spreading discs and agitator shaft speeds are electro-hydraulically regulated and monitored. Modern tractors with load-sensing hydraulics management systems can always be driven in the optimum speed range and therefore save fuel when in operation. The main benefits of this drive system are evident when using the variable working width control at the edges of the fields and when spreading in wedges. A pre-programmed 6 section part-width section control prevents major over-fertilisation or under-fertilisation. 

Side, boundary and wedge-shaped spreading with the hydraulically driven ZA-M Profis Hydro

ZA-M Rand_Grenz_Keilstreuen

The hydraulic drive of the spreading system in combination with AMATRON 3 offers every possibility, such as, for example:
• Side and boundary spreading on both sides in accordance with the individual preselection of disc speed and spread rate
• 6-section part width shut off with automatic spread rate adjustment
• All procedures can be readjusted as required whilst working
• Use of GPS-Switch with automated, position-accurate shut off
Wedge-shaped spreading provides even, non-overlapping spreading in short work. By reducing the throwing width and reducing the flow rate at the same time the actual spread rate (kg/ha) remains constant over the entire area.   

Electronic control with AMADOS+

Control-Paket (für alle Modelle)

For the ZA-M with mechanical spreading disc drive there is the Control package with AMADOS+ for electronic forward speed related control of the spread rate. 



Electronic control with AMATRON 3

Tronic-Paket (ab ZA-M 1200)

ZA-M with Tronic Pack:
The ZA-M Tronic Pack with mechanical or hydraulic drive of the spreading system is available for forward-speed related independent rate control (kg/ha) and control operation of the Limiter border spreading device and the weigh cell (standard at ZA-M Profis).

ZA-M Profis with Comfort Pack
The optional Comfort package provides maximum operating convenience by means of electro-hydraulic control of all operating functions using AMATRON 3.

Because of its large display and its clear, simple and logical operation, the AMATRON 3 is extremely user-friendly. All functions can be operated with the one hand whilst the other hand stays on the steering wheel.

In addition the AMATRON 3 is able to carry out the monitoring of the Limiter with integrated automatic rate control at boundary spreading. Thanks to its multifunctionality AMATRON 3 can be also used for other AMAZONE machines, such as, for example field sprayers or seed drills.

Benefit from AMADOS+ and AMATRON 3

• The preselected spread rate always remains the same whatever the optimum working speed selected. This is particularly beneficial with tractors with a variable transmission
• Quantity changes can be made variably to both sides or just one side with this modern operator control terminal in order to save money and protect the environment
• Robust actuator motors on the rate shutters adjust the spread rate
• The hydraulic shutters of the double shutter control system are operated independently of the electronic rate shutter. This is quicker, and protects the electronic actuator motors
• All electronic components are protected from water ingress and corrosion
• The speed is recorded using sensor systems or the tractor signal socket
• Simple calibration program with independent rate setting determination
• Robust sensor equipment for function monitoring, e.g. of the shutter position
• Can be extended to other applications, e.g. as a hectare counter during manure spreading, cultivation or mowing with a separate working position sensor
• 100% button for convenient the home position locating
• Serial interface available for documentation and the connection of N-sensors and GPS-terminal supplied application maps for site-specific fertilisation
• Job memory for up to 99 field records

GPS-Switch for AMATRON 3


Automated and position-accurate control of the ZA-M Profis Hydro and the ZA-M Ultra Profis Hydro:
The fertiliser spreader is switched on and off fully automatically with accurate positioning provided by means of exact location via the satellite navigation system (DGPS). The same applies to the exact adjustment of the working width.

GPS-Switch is an optional software for the AMATRON 3 which carries out the the position accurate on/off switching procedures on the headland and in border zones at the correct position using GPS. The on-board computer learns where the field borders are when the tractor first drives around the field with the border spreading system switched on. On the basis of these borders, the position at which the machine is to be switched on and off or where the working width requires adjusting are defined by the on-board computer depending on the machine parameters (working width, throwing width etc.).

The on-board computer automatically detects whether it is an area that has already been worked and switches the relevant part-width section of the machine off if necessary. A module has been integrated into the ZA-M spreader that takes the differing throw of the spread fan behind the machine into consideration. For example, using this technology, the machine is switched off in a different position when it drives into the headland than when it is driving out of it.
GPS-Switch makes it possible to work exactly and conveniently at any time of the day or night.

GPS-Track for AMATRON 3


The GPS track parallel guidance system proves to be a huge help for orientation within the field. It features different track modes, such as A-B line, contour following and an obstacle function. The tracks are clearly numbered all the way through. The deviation from the ideal line is graphically shown in the display; clear steering recommendations keep you in the track. Also the distance to the next bout is accurately displayed – for an ideal orientation. Of course, GPS-Track also works as a “stand-alone“ system even without an implement attached.


GPS-Maps for AMATRON 3

GPS-Maps für AMATRON 3

In addition to the ISO-XML-data management, the job management of the terminal is also able to process application maps, meaning, depending on the objective and the terminal, several possibilities for a part-area site specific application – according to a map or to a sensor. Which system is most suitable and will best serve the individual demands and requirements is just up to you as the user.

N-sensors for precise, plant-controlled application


On-line sensors are currently the best way of providing a requirement-oriented nitrogen supply. All ZA-M spreaders with AMADOS+ or AMATRON 3 provide an optimum connection to all of the on-line sensors on the market (e.g. Yara N-Sensor, MiniVeg N-Sensor, Cropmeter) via the serial interface (RS 232). The fertiliser quantities that are calculated are immediately transferred to the machine's controller via the AMAZONE on-board computer. The actual amount of fertiliser that is spread is recorded for documentation purposes.

ASD – Reliable and simple documentation

Amazone ZG-B ASD Automatische Schlagbezogene Dokumentation

Automatic field-related documentation (ASD) is a product and manufacturer-encompassing documentation concept for transmitting field-related data between the AMATRON 3 and the electronic field data management system. The digital interface used is published and accessible to all manufacturers.

ASD provides the farmer with the possibility of simply and economically integrating all machines in the documentation chain.


Castor wheels and 'Tele Space'

ZA-M Rollvorrichtung und Tele-Space

A sensible accessory: the robust castor wheels make it easier to attach and detach the spreader and manoeuvre in the farmyard. The wheels can be quickly removed. It is even easier to attach and detach the spreader using the "Tele-Space" telescopic PTO shaft.

Swivel hopper cover

ZA-M Abdeck-Schwenkplane

The hopper cover is simply swivelled open before filling. When closed it allows fertiliser spreading to continue, even during bad weather.


Mobile test rig

Mobiler Prüfstand

For even more peace of mind with difficult kinds of fertiliser 

•  Perfect control in the field
•  Simple to use and safe
•  Checks the lateral distribution
•   top agrar Test 06/2011 quoted: "a very user-friendly system"