ZA-M Centrifugal Broadcaster


Top arguments

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA_M

+ Double tipped hopper with optimum hopper shape for continuous flow Monitoring and more precision
+ Fine-mesh filling sieves prevent problems when spreading and are easy to fold and lock in position for
cleaning the machine
+ Spreading system made completely of stainless steel
+ Convenience and reliability due to simple and easily accessible adjustment of spread rate and working width
+ Perfect double shutter control system; for rate setting and  for opening and closing
+ Safety set with lighting system, warning signs and safety bracket as standard

In compact size: ZA-M 1001 Special

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-M, Die kompakte Größe: ZA-M 1001 Special

For small to medium-sized farms
working width: 10 – 36 m
hopper capacity: 1.000 l
with extension: 1.500 l

- robust frame construction with maximum payload of 1800 kg

In flexible sizes: ZA-M 1201 and ZA-M 1501

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-M, Die flexiblen Großen: ZA-M 1201 und ZA-M 1501

For medium-sized operations
Working width: 10 – 36 m
Hopper capacity: 1.200 l / 1.500 l
With extension: 1.700 l / 2.000 l / 2.200 l / 2.500 l / 2.700 l / 3.000 l

- robust frame construction with maximum payload of 3100 kg
- large filling width with the L-extensions

ZA-M 1001 Special Profis weigh cell spreader

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-M, Wiegestreuer ZA-M 1001 Special Profis

Working width: 10 – 36 m
Hopper capacity: 1.000 l / 1.500 l / 2.000 l
Standard: weigh cell with Tronic package and AMATRON 3

He who weighs wins!

ZA-M Profis Wiegerahmen

No calibration required. Enter the spread rate and drive off! It couldn't be simpler. The weighing frame of the ZA-M Profis with a payload of up to 2100 kg gives you even more precision and capacity.

The weighing system offers controlled comfort and even more reliability. It determines the different properties of the spreading material on-line using a weigh cell – and extremely accurately. It automatically compares the actual quantity that has been spread with the specified quantity. Differences in flow behaviour, e.g. with heterogeneous mineral fertilisers, are detected and the spreader automatically readjusts itself via the electric dosing shutter. The quantity applied is also precisely documented for the purpose of field-related nutritional balance.

The sturdy weighing frame is integrated in such a way that neither the centre of gravity distance nor the filling height are increased.

For a balanced nutrient supply, the spread rate calibration value can be changed via the AMATRON 3 on-board computer at the push of a button. The quantity can also be adjusted automatically according to the quantity of pure nitrogen already absorbed using additional on-line N-sensor technology.  

Safety-Set as standard with all ZA-M

ZA-M Safety Set

The AMAZONE ZA-M with the new Safety-Set provides additional safety. Working equipment that is hitched to fast-moving tractors must be clearly recognisable in road traffic. AMAZONE has integrated the strict safety requirements into a modern design. 
The optional mud flaps ensure that no dirt can be thrown onto the spreading discs from the tractor wheels. Large warning signs at the rear and the lighting system make the tractor and spreader combination more noticeable. The surrounding safety guard complies with the accident prevention regulations.

SBS – Soft Ballistic System

SBS - Soft Ballistic System

Gentle Guidance:
The AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System is incorporated into the agitators which are shaped in such a way that the fertiliser is taken from across the whole width of the hopper alleviating problems of the formation of a fertiliser funnel in the centre of the hopper and maintaining homogeneity.

Gentle delivery:
The delivery of the fertiliser directly onto the centre of the spreading disc is especially advantageous because of the low peripheral speed of the spreading disc in this sector.

Gentle acceleration
The AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System gently accelerates the fertiliser via the spreading discs rotating at 720 r.p.m. making sure that even very fragile fertilisers keep their spreading properties.

Gentle ejection
With the aid of the AMAZONE Soft Ballistic System the fertiliser is provided with the energy required for the optimum trajectory and a precise spread pattern.


Stainless steel spreading system

ZA-M Streusystem aus Edelstahl

The entire spreading system of the ZA-M spreaders is made from stainless steel:
• the hopper tips and agitator spirals
• the entire base plates with setting rate slides and hydraulic shutters
• the spreading discs with the spreading vanes
• the fully enclosed deflector plates

The benefits:
• Easy to maintain due to open design of spreader
• Perfect functionality due to the maintenance-free oil bath gearboxes, stainless steel chain drive for agitator shaft, hydraulic cylinders and robust frame

Oil-immersed gearbox

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-M, Ölbadgetriebe

The oil-immersed gearbox is the indestructible heart of this AMAZONE twin disc spreader. The AMAZONE gearboxes have been proven by the hundreds of thousands, are maintenance-free and feature an integrated overload protection against gearbox damage.


Tool-less setting of the spread rate


The spread rate and the working width are preselected from the extremely comprehensive setting chart. Clear, large dimensioned scales help you to set the spread rate exactly using the shutter slides. The Settings can be made either manually to the rear or via an operator terminal.



The AMAZONE double shutter control system provides maximum safety


By being able to open and close the shutter slides individually, the desired quantity of fertiliser required for each side can be applied via the spreading disc.

OM OmniaSet spreading disc for the ultimate precision

Amazone Düngerstreuer ZA-M, OmniaSet-Streuscheiben OM

The OM Omnia-Set spreading discs are equipped with pivoting spreading vanes that generate a spread pattern that is extremely precise and safe. With the aid of an easily readable scale that is in the user's field of view, the spreading vanes can be adjusted easily and exactly, without tools. AMAZONE provides comprehensive setting charts for all kinds of fertiliser, seed and slug pellets. The OM Omnia-Set spreading discs are made from stainless steel and are easy to fit.
Late top dressing is advantageous for generating quality crops. With the AMAZONE spreading discs this procedure is extremely easy to do without tools by just tilting up the standard equipped swivel tips on the spreading vanes.
Optimum lateral distribution (example: working width 24 m, picture below). The flat side edges of the Omnia-Set spread pattern make it insensitive to side wind and the different spreading properties of the kinds of fertiliser. This triangular spread pattern with its long, low flat spread and therefore large overlapping zones is decisive for providing additional safety and optimum precision.


High quality multi-layer laquer finish


1 - Steel plate
2 - Zinc phosphate treatment (crystalline layer)
3 – KTL primer coat
4 – Finishing top coat

Hose cabinet

ZA-M Schlauchgarderobe

The hose cabinet protects all tractor connections from soiling.

Spread rate checking

ZA-M Abdrehprobe

The checking the spread rate is extremely easy using the calibration kit for determining the material characteristics (flow behaviour etc.). If you do not wish to perform a calibration test, simply choose our ZA-M 1001 Special Profis weigh cell spreader.


ZA-TS Duengeservice

Only when properly spread is your fertiliser worth its weight in gold.
The FertiliserService from AMAZONE enables an economical and environmentally friendly use of fertiliser. For more than 25 years test results of fertilisers from Germany and abroad, determined in the AMAZONE test hall, are stored in a computer database. It is not only the spread patterns and setting values which are recorded for these tested fertilisers but, in addition, the physical material characteristics which are also important for the lateral distribution. So, very comprehensive data is available enabling us to offer advice to all AMAZONE customers, who have unknown fertilisers and new fertiliser products, free of charge. 

We critically evaluate your fertiliser 
The best possibility to determine the setting values for fertiliser spreaders is by calibration in the test hall. However, it is not always possible to send us the required amount of fertiliser and so, for this reason, AMAZONE has developed a reliable laboratory test enabling us to test just a five kilo fertiliser sample and to pass on the setting recommendations to the customer based on our experience and the collected information.

FertiliserService with modern test hall

ZA-TS Streuhalle

For research, development and series support, an even more modern fertiliser test hall is now available. Here the AMAZONE FertiliserService works closely together with all major spreading material manufacturers – and this is world wide – to be able to provide you as quickly as possible with the best setting recommendations.
With the new on-line weigh cell system, it is now possible not only to analyse every spread test with regard to the lateral distribution, but also to the spatial distribution. This is of big benefit in the new development of fertiliser spreaders. But also in fine-tuning of automatic switching Systems (GPS Switch) this Information is also required.
In its selection of the measuring system, AMAZONE has relied on new innovative technology. The fertiliser spreaders are positioned on a revolving platform which spins around its vertical axle. With this measuring system, all imaginable working widths can be determined.


FertiliserService App for Android Smartphones or iOS equipment

Amazone DüngeService App für Android Smartphones oder iOS-Geräte

Our FertiliserService App has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Safety regulations for fertiliser spreaders

Schutzbügel für Düngerstreuer ab 2009

So as to comply with current legislation, all disc fertiliser spreaders for delivery into the European Community must be equipped with a guard tube. This guideline is binding for all manufacturers of disc fertiliser spreaders and AMAZONE delivers the spreaders accordingly.  AMAZONE offers the appropriate retrofit kits for the ZA-M and ZA-X Perfect fertiliser spreaders. Also new is the need to ensure that the shutter slides are locked in the closed position during road transport: AMAZONE meets this demand, for instance on the ZA-M, with double acting rams on the shutter slides or for the ZA-X via the two way valve.