The AMAZONE E-Learning Programme

The AMAZONE E-Learning offers interactive driver's Training, which enables the Driver to practice the opration of complex machinery on their own, and outside normal operational times, through being trained interactivelyvia a PC or tablet.

New Drivers can follow the modules and get acquainted with the machine beforehand enabling them to increase their Efficiency. In this way, Optimum Training Prior to the Operation/season is carried out so that the full potential of the machine can be utilised right from the first day.  

E-Learning agricultural technology

Das AMAZONE E-Learning Landtechnik

Practice by yourself on the PC or tablet via interactive Training the Operation of comples AMAZONE agricultural machinery, also outside operational times.

E-Learning Municipal Technology

Das AMAZONE E-Learning Kommunaltechnik

Das Online Fahrertraining umfasst zahlreiche Filmclips, welche mit Sprechertexten und Simulationen die technischen Zusammenhänge der Maschinen erklären.

E-Learning agricultural technology download version

E-Learning Landtechnik Downloadversion

Download our modules and practice on the PC or Tablet-PC the operation of complex AMAZONE machinery on your own and also outside the operational times.

download Microsoft Installation file