The development of crop protection implements at AMAZONE (1969 to 2013)

Selbstfahrende Pflanzenschutzspritze Pantera 4502 1969: First mounted Sprayers "S" (sprayer) and "US" (universal sprayer) with manually folded boom up to 10 m; 300 l to 600 l polyester tank

1971: "US 401" and "US 601" with polyethylene tank

1973: "US 602-T“ with low, wide tank

1976: "US 1000-T" with 1120-l actual bolume and 12 m boom, manually folded

1980: First manually folded boom in vertical folding technology in 15 m, 16 m and 18 m working width

1985: US-04 series with vertical boom carriers

1986: H-boom up to 16 m, hydraulically vertically folded 

1987: H-boom up to 21 m, hydraulically vertically folded (watch the Video at the end of this page)

1989:  "UF 600" to "UF 1200 mounted sprayers

1990: Q-boom up to 15 m, horizontally folded, manually or hydraulically folded

1991:  FT front tank with 800 l stainless steel tank with injection System for the fully automatic circuit  

1992: First "UG 2200" and "UG 3000" trailed crop protection sprayers

1994: Super-S boom up to 24 m, hydraulically vertically folded

1997: Super-S boom up to 28 m, hydraulically vertically folded

1998:  "UG 4500" trailed crop protection sprayer“ 2000 Q-Plus boom up to 15 m, horizontally folded, manually or hydraulically folded 

2003: First "UF 1501" and "UF 1801" mounted sprayers

2003:  "UX 4200" and "UX 5200" trailed crop protection sprayers

2003: Super-L boom up to 36 m, hydraulical longitudinal folding

2006: Super-L boom up to 40 m, hydraulical longitudinal folding

2009: "UX 6200" trailed crop protection sprayer 

2010: First "Pantera 4001" self propelled crop protection sprayer from in-house production

2011: "US 11200" trailed crop protection sprayer

2013: "Pantera 4502" self propelled crop protection sprayer


Sprayer boom H-boom 1986

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