Groundkeeper mower/collectors


Your advantages at a glance


+ Versatile across the entire year and in any weather: mowing, mulching or collection of leaves, horse droppings or any other litter
+ Work in any weather, as well as on short and long grass – extremely robust and reliable SmartCut exact cut rotor
+ SmartCut exact cut rotor with chevron blade arrangement – for an improved cutting- and collecting quality and for a reduced noise emission
+ Blade change without tools – quick, simple and safe!
+ Large tank capacity and finely shredded cuttings reduce the need for time-consuming emptying
+ High-lift discharge to up 2.3 m – quick and convenient

Standard execution


• 50 % H 77 long, sharpened wing blades, 50 % mowing blades
• Infinitely variably height adjustable support roller
• Mulch flap
• Castor wheels
• PTO shaft with over-run clutch
• Fill level indicator

The all-seasons machine – Top performance all year round


In use across the entire year:
• Mowing
• Scarifying
• Mulching
• Collection of leaves, horse droppings or any other rubbish

Flexible and versatile:
No matter whether short or long grass, damp or dry conditions, with the Groundkeeper you can be relaxed about any operation and at any time of the year.

Excellent cutting performance

Grasshopper_1800_drive_9492_d1_151020 mit Schnittbild

Compared with either rotary or cylinder mowers, the Groundkeeper, as a fine flail mower operates reliably, thanks to its design, even at noticeable higher cutting heights. Both in short and long grass, the Groundkeeper provides a superb cutting performance.

The AMAZONE mowing and scarifying system


The Groundkeeper does a superb job in nearly all climatic or vegetative conditions. Its well-proven AMAZONE mowing and scarifying system is the guarantor for well-groomed lawns. Whether the sun is shining or the early morning dew is still on the grass – work can begin. The Groundkeeper is not bothered whether the grass is wet, exceptionally tall or even thick – and it always achieves first class results. Its large rotor and tolerance of foreign objects makes it the ideal tool for the extensive maintenance of large lawns.

The combination of reversible mowing blades and sharpened wing cutting blades offers the well balanced combination of little wear and of excellent mowing and collecting performance. Cuttings are finely shredded by the blades. This reduces composting time.

Simple tool-less changeover to mulching


For the first time over, the Groundkeeper can be used without collecting, so that seeds and nutrients can get back into the ground. A second pass a few weeks later will further process the clippings, working the important nutrients back into the soil helping to enrich it.

Mowing and shredding


The AMAZONE Groundkeeper cuts the plant at its base, and then chops it into several pieces which are either gathered up or allowed to fall to the ground. It combines the advantages of mowing and mulching systems in a single machine that will adapt to meet your requirements when managing your green areas.

Easily disposes of lawn thatch and moss


The AMAZONE Groundkeeper removes and collects lawn thatch from your lawn in a single process.

The soil structure can be improved and renewed by carrying out a trouble-free scarifying with the AMAZONE Groundkeeper. Scarifying blades, fitted to the rotor penetrate 1 to 2 mm into the turf, breaking up the upper earth layer, cutting off parasitic plants and thinning out the lawn surface. Lawn thatch is combed out, collected and simultaneously the soil is rolled. The combination of mowing and scarifying blades produces an outstanding suction effect.



The powerful suction effect captures almost “everything” (leaves, chestnuts, acorns, etc.). This ensures optimum utilisation of the tank capacity. In addition, the chopping up of the leaves by the rotating blades speeds up their decomposition. Often in the spring, autumn leaves remain covering the ground and the grass can only grow with difficulty. To improve and aid that grass growth, those leaves can be collected and the lawn aired in a single pass by simply adding the scarifying blades.

The rotor’s high rotational speed, plus the combination of sharpened wing blades and scarifying blades make the Groundkeeper a highly efficient means of collecting, even in damp conditions. The robust SmartCut exact cut rotor makes short work of foreign objects.

SmartCut exact cut rotor

Grasshopper und Exaktschnittrotor

Ingenious: mowing – scarifying – collecting – emptying.

The Groundkeeper’s first-class cutting and collecting performance is based on its SmartCut exact cut rotor. An outstanding feature of the SmartCut exact cut rotor is its special, V-shaped blade arrangement, which reduces energy consumption and noise. For this innovation, AMAZONE was awarded a Silver Medal by the Innovations Jury at Demopark 2013.

Due to the high suction effect provided by the SmartCut rotor, the Groundkeeper can also be used for collecting already mown grass, leaves, debris, acorns, chestnuts etc.

The benefits of the SmartCut rotor, with its V-shaped knife arrangement are obvious in comparison with the rotor technology so far, where the cutting knives are arranged linearly in rows. Because the knives, when arranged in a V-shape, do not pass the shear bar simultaneously but in very short intervals one after the other, they convey the cut material better in the direction of the rotor centre, resulting in less lateral air turbulence and, because of this, in an additional improvement in the collecting performance.

Benefits of the SmartCut exact cut rotor:
• Precise and clean cutting in one pass
• Improved collection quality
• Reduced noise emission
• Simple and quick blade exchange
• Thanks to the specific V-shaped arrangement of the knives, the fuel consumption and the noise level from the rotor are significantly reduced.

Excellent collecting capability


The action of the large diameter rotor creates an airflow giving the AMAZONE Groundkeeper excellent collecting capabilities with the rotor’s 2,650 rpm speed giving first class results.

High-lift discharge up to 2.3 m


The tank contents can easily and conveniently be emptied from the tractor itself. The overload point has been positioned far to the rear, so that even tall tanks and trailers can be optimally filled. A hydraulic cylinder lock ensures safety when working on the rotor or the hopper under the raised tank.

All hydraulic functions are controlled using three buttons via the electro-hydraulic control unit, directly from the tractor cab, for convenient operation.

At up to 2.3 m high, the tank can also be emptied into taller trailers or larger containers.

The mowing deck: Versatile, robust and safe


The large diameter of the rotor prevents grass becoming caught up. The high wear-resistant qualities of the knives result in little wear. The knife system is insensitive to foreign objects as all the knives are attached separately. The knives are suspended on the rotor via special hooks. They can be turned round and replaced without tools. A high quality cutting performance is achieved over the entire working width.

All important components are quickly and easily accessible, resulting in effective maintenance ensuring a long life span at minimum expense. Cleaning and maintenance operations can be performed quickly and easily.

Hopper protection hood


The hopper protection hood helps protect the hopper from being damaged by stones or other foreign bodies.

Fill level indicator


The fill level indicator for the hopper reliably and accurately shows the exact fill level

Support roller


With the support roller an even cutting height and an excellent ground contour following with the mower is achieved. Rolling with the support roller helps to increase the toughness of the lawn.